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"AiF" newspaper asks about energy saving lamps

AiF Why do energy saving lamps burn out so often?  Is the reason in improper exploitation  or in bad quality?

Answers Vladislav Terekhov, Deputy development director: 

The main reason of short lifetime and fast breakdown of energy saving lamps is their poor quality. Trying to get maximum profit, manufacturers decrease costs exceptionally by decreasing product quality. Buyer suffers first of all. Easy maintenance of energy saving lamps excludes the possibility of improper use.

But not only manufacturer is responsible for current situation.

One of reasons is absence of proper governmental control of Russian lighting equipment market.

Lack of product knowledge among consumers stimulates the demand of cheap production. Trying to satisfy this demand, manufacturers ignore minimum product quality requirements. The result is great variety of cheap south-east products on Russian market, most of which do not meet the requirements of USA and Europe markets.

Anyway, we cannot change the situation without government intervention. All government resolutions, orders and other efforts to restrict manufacture and sales of low-quality production failed, because there were no penalties for nonfulfillment of listed requirements.

Significant variety of LED energy saving lamps are already represented on Russian market. We hope, that usage of LED technology will consider all the mistakes made while implementation of compact fluorescent lamps.