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Own R&D team, represented by highly skilled engineers with long-term experience in LED luminaires production, performs the full range of works in design, prototyping, integration and launching of mass production.

For run-time modeling and control of product parameters R&D team is equipped with modern measuring tools, which control all the lighting and electrical parameters.

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The laboratory is equipped for monitoring electromagnetic influence (EMI), test beds for control of all necessary electrical parameters, including electrical safety examination at all stages of development and mass production.

Control of lighting parameters of developed products, testing of serial production is carried out in lighting laboratory. The main machine is highly accurate spectroradiometer equipped with two integral spheres (30 and 200 cm in diameter).

We offer tailor-made solutions for energy and budget savings by engineering, manufacturing and supplying unique light sources at a reasonable price. All process of creation, manufacturing and implementation of УESCO УNew LightФ products is focused on perfect quality, fault-tolerance, reliability and ultimate energy saving product characteristics achievement.

Chip-on-board technology used in УESCO УNew LightФ LED products is based on using integrated LED assembly units, tailored for each type of product depending of the sphere of application and basing on European legislation requirements and Russian regulatory.

CHIP-ON-BOARD Technology